Working in studios and on location throughout London and the South West, Tom is a producer and recording and mixing engineer who offers quality in both product and in process. While the atmosphere is undemanding and laidback, professionalism resides at the forefront of Tom’s services.

Thanks to his breadth of experience in recording countless genres of music, Tom provides a service that is demonstrative of his exceptional knowledge, experience and ultimately his passion for music. Playing both guitar and bass in touring bands and recording music for over 8 years means he can offer valuable practical experience to help sessions run smoothly.

As a technical perfectionist, Tom prides himself on his attention to detail. He also makes it a priority to approach each project in an exclusive manner, recognising the importance of a unique experience for the artist and for himself. Services are tailored to artists’ goals and embrace their individuality for an end product that truly represents their unique musical identity.

To discuss your project with Tom, please just get in touch.