Whilst recording in a studio is often the best way to get a pristine result, recording on location works perfectly for projects where vibe is the most important factor. I call this Guerrilla recording. By using my mobile recording rig, rehearsal spaces, living rooms, and huge church halls can all be turned into fantastic recording live rooms. If you have a piano at your home that you’re eager to record on, or if you’re really comfortable playing in your band’s rehearsal space then we can record there, no problem.

Guerrilla recording lends itself well to live recording, to really capture the vibe and energy of a band playing together. One of my favourite Guerrilla recordings I’ve done was a folk band playing live in the drummer’s garage. It came out great and sounded exactly the way it was supposed to. You can hear some examples of Guerrilla recording on my Showreel.

Rates for Guerrilla recording are roughly £15 per hour, with a minimum of three hours, but I do discounts for longer sessions. As with any recording project, once the music is recorded it also needs to be mixed but this is often quite straightforward (see the Mixing page for more info).

Please get in touch with any inquiries, I'd be happy to chat about your project with you.